Nadya’s Areas of Expertise

There are endless benefits to being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle, from eliminating ailments and feeling stronger physically to increasing your emotional stability and looking your best.

Nutritionists will help you achieve your goal of the best health you can reward yourself with.
– Providing professional, clear, science/fact based information
– Tailored diets, meeting your specific needs, preferences and goals
– Education on how to make a new lifestyle for yourself, instead of succumbing to a new ‘fad diet’
– Help for managing your chronic diseases, including a guide through allergies and sensitivities


Nadya's services are always tailored to a person's or group's needs.

Personal Approach

Wide Range

Nadya offers seminars, workshops and one-on-ones.

There is one for you!

Gets Results

Whatever health goal you have, Nadya will help you reach it.

Make it happen!


Nadya will inspire you to take care of your health.

Get healthy

What My Dear Clients Say

“Nadya is phenomenal. She helped me with resolving my cravings for junk food. She covers all food issues in depth and shares information so clearly and concisely. Working with Nadya helped me learn to approach nutrition as a lifestyle choice and not as a diet. I am so grateful for all the guidance and support. Many thanks.”

 ~ Thai H.

“In a time when there are countless numbers of diet gurus and multiple big advertising pitches that exhaust and deceive…this is it! Rest assured you will start living your day to day with what your body truly craves. Make sure you connect with her asap, I anticipate a rising demand for her mastery in the near future… Bravo Nadya, thank you for your excellence.”   

~ M.M.

When I first met Nadya, right away I felt comfortable. She welcomed me with open arms (literally) and did not judge. My decision to see a Nutritionist began with my daughter, but after six sessions it benefited my whole family with a lifestyle change. Nadya is personable, flexible, accommodating and very knowledgeable. “

~ Antonietta C.

“Before meeting Nadya I could hardly make a decent box of KD let alone cook a healthy tasty meal. Now I can go home confident that I can make myself something to eat that is easy, healthy, and tastes good. I would recommend her to anyone who, like myself, has difficulty in the kitchen and is looking for a better healthier lifestyle.”

~ Steffi G.

Nadya’s Services

Whether you have weight issues, diabetes, digestive problems, cardiovascular diseases or you just want to have better overall health, Nadya will provide you with services in line with your specific body needs.

The success of Nadya’s clients can be mainly attributed to the educational  process that Nadya always focuses on.

 Since everybody is unique, Nadya has a very personal approach. Instead of putting you into a non-specific category like ‘weight-loss’ or ‘heart disease’, Nadya analyzes the symptoms of the nutritional imbalances that you are experiencing. She focuses on the root of the problem and addressed core nutritional deficiencies providing you with more than a ‘cover’ for all your symptoms. Nadya educates you about the foods and supplements that are most beneficial for you. The program also includes a personalized meal plan, supplement recommendations as well as on-going support from Nadya.

Three 1-hour sessions   $297

Six 1-hour sessions   $497

*Available in person and online

Nutrition Sessions

The main goal of the Complete Lifestyle Program is to educate you on how to make healthy choices through:

  • A month long constant in person and online support
  • A personalized nutrition program with a meal plan and supplement list tailored to your needs
  • A private grocery store tour
  • A private cooking lesson
  • Easy-to-follow Nutrition Guide with all necessary materials

4 sessions = 1x 5-hours session + 3x 60 min sessions

– Single Person $697

– Family or Couple (living together) $797

– 3 Months Single Person $1247

– 3 Months Family or Couple (living together) $1497

Complete Lifestyle Program

 Nadya offers a list of informative and engaging Nutrition Seminars and Workshops for lifestyle and fitness centers, small and large businesses, schools and private gatherings. She is passionate about educating others on the healing power of nutrients from food and supplements as well as other healthy lifestyle choices.

Nadya offers various topics ranging from nutrition for body composition and performance to more specific topics like hormones, cardiovascular health and supplements. Her workshops range in duration and frequency; some of them are completed in one settings and some are in series of several settings.

Example of past workshops and seminars:
– 10 Reasons to Avoid Sugar
– How to Overcome Emotional Eating
– Winter Do’s and Don’ts
– Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition

*Please contact for more info

Services available in groups and one-on-one

  • Grocery Shopping Tours
  • Cooking Lessons
  • Pantry Clean-up Lessons
  • Food Journal Reviews (in person or online)

* Please contact for more info

An individualized program tailored specifically for mothers with daughters. This program focuses on providing a unique experience for mothers and daughters where they get to learn about adopting healthy dietary changes as well as improving body image and self esteem. Nadya provides a safe and loving environment for mothers and daughters to share their health concerns and she motivates them to start the health journey together.

Five 1-hour session $520

Mother-Daughter Program