Clean ‘16 is not a diet program.

Clean ‘16 is a 30 day step-by-step guide to a healthy lifestyle.


Are you still confused which foods are healthy, which ones are unhealthy, which ones are slimming and which ones are fattening?

Do you struggle staying on a “plan” or on a “diet”?

Or do you just really want to stop dieting once and for all?

Are you ready to make changes and see the results?

Then this program is for you!

Clean ‘16 educates you on how to eat right. No more confusion about healthy foods. No more fad diets. No more diet related health issues. Only real long-lasting results and clear, easy guidelines.

      Clean ‘16 is a program for people who want to get healthy, improve their mood, increase their       energy and, of course, get into the best shape. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. Includes:

  • 10 step program to your healthiest self
  • 30 days of healthy eating (sample meal plan with recipes)
  • Clean ‘16 Information Guide
  • Easy to follow dietary guidelines
  • Online support via facebook group and e-mails
  • Supplements guide

There is a deep misunderstanding and confusion about the types of food that we need to eat in order to be healthy. Whole grain breads, gluten free crackers, juices, tofu and yogurt – the foods that we typically believe to be healthy choices, often cause hormonal imbalances, energy crashes, food cravings, mood swings and, inevitably, weight gain.

Clean ‘16 is based on an Eat Real Food approach and, unlike most of the diets, it will not only deliver the short term results of weight loss but also long term results of higher energy, better mood, improved sleep, decreased cravings, illness prevention… and newly acquired joy of your healthy body.

Why Nadya Pêche?

Nadya works hard at helping people achieve their optimal health. Only in the past year with the help of Nadya’s guidance, knowledge and experience her clients lost a total weight of over 1 ton! That’s over 2000 pounds! But it’s not about weight… it’s about health. Her clients achieve amazing health results such as

– Normalized blood pressure and blood cholesterol

– Stable blood sugar levels (in diabetic and pre-diabetic clients)

– Balanced mood (some clients came off antidepressants and antianxiety drugs)

– Increased energy (now clients are running races, going to the gym and enjoying active lifestyle)

– Improved self esteem and confidence

– Improved digestion – no more bloating, gas, discomfort, diarrhea or constipation.

Nadya is determined to help you and for that reason she created Clean ‘16 program – to allow people like you from anywhere, at any age, in any economical status and at any level to be able to achieve amazing health results with dietary changes.
Clean ‘16 is a collection of Nadya’s knowledge and experience to get you the results you want and deserve.

“In a time when there are countless numbers of diet gurus and multiple big advertising pitches that exhaust and deceive…this is it! Rest assured you will start living your day to day with what your body truly craves.” M.M.
“We began to change immediately – and never looked back. We started with a “clean” slate and began to eat clean, fresh, nutritious, and healthy foods. Nadya’s guidance, encouragement, and sense of humour, has been invaluable to us and set us on a new path to better health, greater energy, and we have shed weight.” Pam & Oded
“I would recommend her to anyone who, like myself, has difficulty in the kitchen and is looking for a better healthier lifestyle.” Steffi G.
“She covers all food issues in-depth and shares information so clearly and concisely. Working with Nadya helped me learn to approach nutrition as a lifestyle choice and not as a diet.” Thai

Are you ready to:

  • Start making healthier choices?

  • Stop dieting once and for all?

  • Start making real changes to your health?

  • Commit to living a healthier happier life?

Start 2016 with Clean ‘16!

Clean ’16 $47