My mission is to inspire you to take care of your health.

My Story…

If you want to read a weight loss or body transformation story, this is not it. I haven’t “transformed” much on the outside. But I did on the inside. And I am finally ready to tell my story. My transformation story.


I grew up in Russia and moved to Canada when I was 16. I was always very athletic and was a semi-professional sprinter for most of my teenage years. I loved running. I loved being active. But I hated what it did to my body. I thought that I was too muscular for a girl since in my teenage head a girl should look like a stick. I ended up quitting for various reasons, one of them being that I hated being “bulky”.


Since I always believed that I was “too big”, I would constantly be dieting. I tried probably every diet in my later teens and early twenties and even though some worked at first, all of them ultimately failed. The lowest point of my “dieting” was when I was 18 and my dear step-father passed away. I didn’t know how to deal with the pain so I went from binge eating for a few months to starving myself for the next few months. It took me years to recover, not only from the death of my loved one, but from what I have done to my poor metabolism and self-esteem.


There is a definite upside to the story though. Somewhere along the way of researching and learning about weight loss, I became extremely passionate about the anatomy of the human body. It was so fascinating to learn and experience how diet affected all aspects of my life – my self-esteem, my mood, my energy, my marks at school, my relationships with people around me, my athletic performance and obviously my body.


By the time I was completing my university degree in finance, I was already so consumed with the food-body connection that I had to give up pursuing a career in finance. Problem was, I didn’t really know what to do with that “passion” for health. So I did what Steve Jobs told all of us to do “quit fast, quit often”. So I did. I quit everything and moved to Shanghai, China. (Tip: when you move to a new country, Google the place you are going). I spent a year there trying to figure out how to get out of the social norms of what a “good career” is and to find the strength to follow my dreams and passions.


As expected, life presented me with an amazing opportunity to study at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto. During the education process, I learned that what I’ve experienced my entire life and what people think are normal states of being such as fatigue, mood and energy swings, bloating and gas, anxiety and stress, are all actually symptoms of something going wrong in your body. These symptoms are related to our diets and can easily be corrected. Along the way I healed my digestion, improved my energy levels and mind clarity, and obviously learned how to eat a healthy diet so I never have to “diet” again.


Most importantly, however, I finally started loving my body and listening to its signals. This was the biggest step for me and that is the core of my teachings today.


We are all born with different genetics and a different body type.  We certainly can change some aspects of it, but why? As long as we are healthy, vibrant and full of life – that’s all that matters. We should really all learn to love our bodies just the way they are right now. I have an athletic body type. Period. I can’t change that, and why would I? It’s my body and I should always take care of it and love it. Just the way it is.     


Took me years to realize it.


Living a healthy lifestyle is one of the major contributors to internal happiness. When you have diseases or when you are sick, it is very difficult to be peaceful or happy. On the other hand, if you are healthy, vibrant and have a clear mind it is very easy to be positive, cheerful and happy. A healthy state of being starts with healthy food, movement and a positive mindset.


Every day I see people struggle from issues that are directly or indirectly related to poor eating habits. My job is to motivate and inspire these people to make changes to their diet so their entire lives improve. I see such a huge difference that a healthy diet makes in people’s lives. I see how much happier, more energetic, more loving and more alive my clients become once they follow my healthy lifestyle advice – and that’s why I am so passionate about what I do.


The best part is that eating healthy is EASY – you just need the right guidance.
Take the first step with me towards loving yourself and living a life full of joy, energy and happiness.